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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bitch Away and Kiss me silly!

haha you must be thinking WHAT KINDA TITLE IS THAT?????

well let me tell you!... Its brilliancy in a slide tin! (or oilspray if you'd rather!)

Bitch Away" and "kiss me silly" are but 2 of the products made by Orionstars

I bought some of Orions famous Bitch away blend,

everyone i have spoken with is hilarious about her work. ofcourse i was sceptical!... i mean she doesn't put any drugs in these....BUT I CAN TELL YOU NOW IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! i am the happiest girl in the world for having found these! :) love love love em :)

she also sended me a free sample of her "kiss me silly" lipbalm.

well she couldn't have chosen a better to send me. i don't use lipbalm because it doesn't help! I SWEAR... but this... ooohhhh! i have used it for a single day. my lips are no longer cracked and sore but smooth and soft! this product i will never live without again! I am totally HOOKED!

every girl needs some Bitch away!... and so do men! It's called "manly muscle stuff"!!! just because men can't walk around with a product called Bitch away...

I truly love Bredette, she is such a cheerful person. I love her work and just laugh when i read her listing descriptions which are so funnily written.

I know too that you will adore this as much! You know you need this BADDDDD!!!

so skip over to Orionstars etsy shop and help yourself to your share! :)

Other then these fabulous product above she has many more that are true brilliantie!

and i'll be certain to get some.... i personally prefer the salves in their slide tins, but she also has oil sprays so choose wichever you like best! check out these... they are next on MY list! :) and there are many more fab blends in her shop!

sorry to get you all envious.. but then... its part of my name ;-)


. said...

Hi there! Nice blog. And I will be hopping over this Easter Weekend to get me some of that bitchy stuff...a girl can never have too much! LOL

Smadar's Treasure said...

I have given you an award. Please check my blog to see it.

Smadar :)