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Thursday, October 9, 2008

todays etsy find no 3


one is just witty! :) it made me laugh... and though i have a great bond with my mum.. it can be so true! LOL (though she would nag me about other issues and not men etc :P)

created by the very talented antb

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Todays Etsy finds no: 2

well the second in this collection of daily etsy finds has to be this remarkable glass bead made by Stosh.

How i wish i could get my hands on this and create a gorgeous beadwoven platinum rope to showcase this from! Oh yes i am very envious of so beautiful a piece. the use of colour. i think it is a real eye catcher :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

today's etsy find! no:1

Hi all,

Sometimes you just come acros a piece that is just so... so... well... ingenius! that I thought it would be fun to do a daily etsy find show off! :) it won't be everyday (because we all know how good i am at keeping up to date on posting *sigh*) but as often as i come across -what-i-will-call- ingeneousity! :)

here is the first:

LiciaBeads toilet roll earrings.

LiciaBeads is (like me) a member of the Etsy beadweavers street team (search ebw on etsy and find all our goodies!). She really shows off her talent in these original fun earrings! Really unique as these are, she also does a matching pendant! So hop on over to her shop if you cannot resist the fun comments you'll surely receive when you wear these. they are certainly on my wishlist! so feel free to send em right my way! ;-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bitch Away and Kiss me silly!

haha you must be thinking WHAT KINDA TITLE IS THAT?????

well let me tell you!... Its brilliancy in a slide tin! (or oilspray if you'd rather!)

Bitch Away" and "kiss me silly" are but 2 of the products made by Orionstars

I bought some of Orions famous Bitch away blend,

everyone i have spoken with is hilarious about her work. ofcourse i was sceptical!... i mean she doesn't put any drugs in these....BUT I CAN TELL YOU NOW IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! i am the happiest girl in the world for having found these! :) love love love em :)

she also sended me a free sample of her "kiss me silly" lipbalm.

well she couldn't have chosen a better to send me. i don't use lipbalm because it doesn't help! I SWEAR... but this... ooohhhh! i have used it for a single day. my lips are no longer cracked and sore but smooth and soft! this product i will never live without again! I am totally HOOKED!

every girl needs some Bitch away!... and so do men! It's called "manly muscle stuff"!!! just because men can't walk around with a product called Bitch away...

I truly love Bredette, she is such a cheerful person. I love her work and just laugh when i read her listing descriptions which are so funnily written.

I know too that you will adore this as much! You know you need this BADDDDD!!!

so skip over to Orionstars etsy shop and help yourself to your share! :)

Other then these fabulous product above she has many more that are true brilliantie!

and i'll be certain to get some.... i personally prefer the salves in their slide tins, but she also has oil sprays so choose wichever you like best! check out these... they are next on MY list! :) and there are many more fab blends in her shop!

sorry to get you all envious.. but then... its part of my name ;-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wire wrapping is a craft I have always admired. It is much harder then it seems. That is what I found out when I gave it my first try about a year ago. I have made several wire wrapped pieces since. Here are a few
During time I became more skilled in this technique and started a few larger/ more intricate pieces

Although I feel I am improving my skill I know I am certainly not up to standards with many artists out there as yet. This is cool since I wish to keep beading my main medium and focus. However there are these occasions the wire calls to me.

So when my niece contacted me to make her a bangle in the wire wrapped style I knew it was time to venture further into this craft then I have so far. And so here is the story of my trial and error of this particular piece:

Instead of going as I go and doing as I do I decided to draw out a design first.

Then I made all the components I would need

And now the fun begins…. *^&%^%#% why won’t you do what I wannnnnt….!!!!

4 hours further and I am finally done strangling and struggling! It has finally surrendered to my will. With a few small changes to the design….

Or factly… did I loose? Look at those blisters! Au au au! It sure left its marks on me

But as we work out our differences. All that is left is bending it into the desired shape…

And getting some decent shots for the website. Another tough issue. Due to the silver and white crystals this sure wasn’t easy. But I managed 2 nice shots. Here they are:

I hope you liked my journey of this piece. It was by far my most difficult yet

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vasum Top Cut

Inspiration can come from many places. Sometimes I can’t even quite point out what it was to begin with. But sometimes….. Yes! sometimes I can be absolutely certain where my inspiration comes from. Great materials are a big one to me. And though rare, it happens that on the odd occasion you you will find one of these unique products around you. This is one of them:

The Vasum Turbinellus or commonly known as the Common Pacific Vase.

As shown in the above image it is truly not THAT amazing right? So what am I going on about here?

Well you see it takes a brilliant mind to come up with brilliant products….
I do not know who started it off but on a holiday around the beautiful gold coast area here in Australia it so happened I found the “odd occasion” as we decided to pass by the Bangalow markets.

My eyes fell right upon “the Shell Lady” With exotic shells from all over the world as large as your head (or larger!) to as small as the tip of your finger. I could not keep my eyes of them. And when I found the “drilled” species I was in heaven. I bought a large amount of shells but the most wonderful of all was the Vasum top cut.

Yes TOP CUT the shell is about 2.5 inches long (see top image) and the top section is sliced off for craft or jewellery. The Shell Lady then coats them with 2 layers of glass coat giving an irresistible shine to the shells…

Now have I said to little? …. These are so luscious! What a stunning centrepiece!
So when I came home (then in Adelaide) I made this stunning necklace:

Ofcourse there was plenty of interest. I traded it with a very good friend….. made another and traded that too….. and then I had run out of shells!.... now what?!

Well I am now a year ahead of that visit to the gold coast, moved to Brisbane and still have these shells on my mind. Can I return to the bangalow market someday and buy more?... well the internet offered a solution!

I have 5 new shells to play with as of today, I will remake the necklace above for sure. But what the other shells will inspire me too…. THAT at least is still a mystery

If you want some of these gorgeous shells but can’t visit the bangalow markets. The Shell Lady can be found online here:
And lastly, don’t forget to ask for them drilled! I am off to find a jeweller to drill mine!

Monday, January 7, 2008

YOU CAN WIN so be challenged..

and vote in our monthly etsy beadweavers challenge. so many gorgeous pieces you are sure to be a little overwhelmed! This contest does have a "drool warning" folks!, so be prepared!


To top it up YOU CAN WIN a gorgeous sandfibers cuff if you do the following:

First, go to the Etsy BeadWeavers Blog -- and cast your vote. Second (and this is totally optional ;o), go to sandfibers blog at and leave a comment (make sure she has a way to contact you!) and you will be entered into a drawing for your very own SandFibers bargello ribbon cuff in your favorite colorway! the winner of the bargello ribbon cuff within three days of the vote closing.

I own my very own sandfibers cuff and let me tell you THEY ARE STUNNING!!!! and i mean STUNNING!

In other green envy designs news....

I am aware i have been a lousy blogger, but i promise i will do better this year as i try to get a hang of this!