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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wire wrapping is a craft I have always admired. It is much harder then it seems. That is what I found out when I gave it my first try about a year ago. I have made several wire wrapped pieces since. Here are a few
During time I became more skilled in this technique and started a few larger/ more intricate pieces

Although I feel I am improving my skill I know I am certainly not up to standards with many artists out there as yet. This is cool since I wish to keep beading my main medium and focus. However there are these occasions the wire calls to me.

So when my niece contacted me to make her a bangle in the wire wrapped style I knew it was time to venture further into this craft then I have so far. And so here is the story of my trial and error of this particular piece:

Instead of going as I go and doing as I do I decided to draw out a design first.

Then I made all the components I would need

And now the fun begins…. *^&%^%#% why won’t you do what I wannnnnt….!!!!

4 hours further and I am finally done strangling and struggling! It has finally surrendered to my will. With a few small changes to the design….

Or factly… did I loose? Look at those blisters! Au au au! It sure left its marks on me

But as we work out our differences. All that is left is bending it into the desired shape…

And getting some decent shots for the website. Another tough issue. Due to the silver and white crystals this sure wasn’t easy. But I managed 2 nice shots. Here they are:

I hope you liked my journey of this piece. It was by far my most difficult yet