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Monday, January 7, 2008

YOU CAN WIN so be challenged..

and vote in our monthly etsy beadweavers challenge. so many gorgeous pieces you are sure to be a little overwhelmed! This contest does have a "drool warning" folks!, so be prepared!


To top it up YOU CAN WIN a gorgeous sandfibers cuff if you do the following:

First, go to the Etsy BeadWeavers Blog -- and cast your vote. Second (and this is totally optional ;o), go to sandfibers blog at and leave a comment (make sure she has a way to contact you!) and you will be entered into a drawing for your very own SandFibers bargello ribbon cuff in your favorite colorway! the winner of the bargello ribbon cuff within three days of the vote closing.

I own my very own sandfibers cuff and let me tell you THEY ARE STUNNING!!!! and i mean STUNNING!

In other green envy designs news....

I am aware i have been a lousy blogger, but i promise i will do better this year as i try to get a hang of this!


Anna said...

Hi Ess! Welcome back to the blogosphere! I'll email with what I know about setting up a few things for you...

Regal Beads said...

hi friend!!
hope that you are feeling a bit better!
I love your little poll!

Green Envy Designs said...

thnak you sooo much anna and kim. i am putting through changes now :) i'm going to make this look nice :)